Born a Little King, but Ended Up a Big Queen

Sirius said that, and I guess it fits. To an extent.

Regulus A. Black
25 May
I'm Regulus Black and someone needs to put me out of my misery.

I still like puppies and kittens and teddy bears, though. I would never lie about that.

alcohol at times, ancient runes, arithmancy, attractiveness, avery's "stash", beauty, being happy, being liked, being sexier than you, being the good son, beling listened to, bella, benjy, boys, breakfast, chocolate, choices, compliments, cussing occasionally, dancing, desiring more, eating breakfast in peace, eggs and bacon, flowers, hats, hogwarts, hotcakes, hugs... shut up, hypocrisy, insults, kissing, lily evans, loyalty, mr. fuzzhead, music, my family, my hair, my smokes, mystery, narcissa, not boobies, not my brother, not sirius, not the nickname "reggie", number 12 grimmauld place, orange juice, porridge, posing, power, proving myself, revenge on everyone, slytherin, snogging, snuggling... fuck off, success, taking risks, talking occasionally, that fuzzy feeling, the "club" i guess, the black fortune, the incestuous leather trousers, the occasional fag, the talent show, the truth, these dirty thoughts, wanting to be noticed, wearing leather